EuroResidence Home Apartamentmapa_min

ul. M. Kopernika 6
40 – 064 Katowice
tel.: + 48 32 608 42 52
fax : + 48 32 608 42 56
Mobile: + 48 608 662 707

The reception is open from Monday to Sunday 24 hours / day.

The EuroResidence Home Apartament is situated in the heart of Katowice at 6 Kopernika Street,

40 – 084 Katowice, Poland. Access to the car park by 4 Drzymały Street.

How to get to the railway station EuroResidence Katowice?

The distance from the Main Railway Station in Katowice is 650 m, 8 minutes of walking distance. From the train station straight direction Plac Andrzeja next straight the Maria Curie Skłodowska Street and then turn to the left into the 6 Kopernika Street where the EuroResidence is located.

How to get to the EuroResidence Hotel Apartament from the Katowice Pyrzowice Airport?

From the airport you can take a taxi or a mini coach. Go to Będzin ( 17 min approx. 15.6 km), then drive further, continuing from the freeway Rozdzienskiego Avenue and A4/E40 to Katowice. Then choose the slip board Mikołowska from A4/E40 . Go to the Mikołajowska Street and further to 6 Kopernika Street ( 3 min, 1.8 km). Here you are! It’s the EuroResidence Home Apartament.

  • Transfer from the Pyrzowice Airport- 100 PLN in one direction, 36.5 km, 38 minutes by car
  • Transfer from the airport Balice Cracow- 210 PLN, in one direction, 69,4/km, 49 minutes by car.

What to see in Katowice?
Silesian Museum
Korfantego Avenue 3, Katowice, 1 km, 13 minutes by walk from the Kopernika Street turn right to the Kopernika Street and then straight to the Korfantego Avenue

Stanislaw Wyspianski Silesian Theater

Market Square 10, Katowice, 800 m, 10 minutes on foot,by the Kosciuszki Street straight to the market.
Silesian Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki Philharmonic
2 Sokolska Street, 800 m, 10 minutes on foot , by the Kopernika Street to the right, then to the Drzymały Street, turn right to the Andrzeja Square, then to the Mikołowska Street, along the Matejki Street, on the Wolności Square go to the Sokolska Street.

Spodek Arena – multipurpose arena complex
in Katowice, 35 Korfantego Avenue, 2.3 km, approx. 7 minutes by car from the Kopernika Street, turn right to the Mikołowską Street, then go to the Matejko Street, on the Wolności Square turn into the Sokołowska Street, then to the right into the Chorzowska Street and at the roundabout third slip road to the Korfantego Avenue.
Silesia City Center
107 Chorzowska Street, Katowice 3.5 km, 7 minutes by car along the Mikołajowska Street, Sokolska Street up to the Chorzowska Street

Silesian Zoo in Chorzow
6.3 km, 25 minutes by car, along the Sokolska Street, Chorzowska Street, Złota Street to 7 Gen. Jerzy Ziętek Street.
Silesia Amment Park
1 Atrakcji Square, 4.1 km, 11 minutes by car .